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What do I need to transfer my mortgage through Group Mortgage Plan?

Last mortgage statement from your lender and a copy of the Mortgage Charge.

My Employer is relocating what?

There's a lot to take care of between the day you hear about your transfer, to the day you actually move. Contact us to obtain a mortgage pre-approval for some peace of mind while you shop for your new home.

I qualify for a mortgage subsidy provided by my Employer, where do I begin?

Simply call us at 1-800-663-4819 and we will help you from start to finish.

Is it true that my mortgage subsidy is an automatic taxable benefit?

No - it depends on the amount of your Employer-subsidy and your mortgage interest rate.

If the difference between your mortgage rate and Employer subsidy results in a net rate that is at or above the Prescribed Rate, then there is no taxable benefit.

If the difference is below Prescribed Rate, then you will have a taxable benefit for at least the first calendar quarter of your mortgage.