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To help you decide which Plan is most beneficial to you and your company, the benefits of each Plan are clearly described in the table below.

Home Buyer Benefits
Organizational Benefits
Affinity Plan

Discounted interest rates

Access to national mortgage lenders

Cash up front - up to 5% on select mortgages

Dedicated, professional mortgage service & advice

Increased Payment Privileges

Increased Employee satisfaction through an enhanced benefits package and higher disposable income

Retain and recruit valuable Employees and members

Seamless integration: tell us which Employees will be eligible to participate, and we will guide you through the group mortgage process

Optional marketing and promotion support

Discounted mortgage rates, fees, and options for Employees / members

A dedicated team of professionals to help design and implement the program that meets corporate objectives

No financial risk to organization

Subsidy Plan

Achieve all the benefits of the Affinity Plan PLUS:

Increased tax effectiveness

Reduced relocation expenses for single greatest relocation expense – Housing

Achieve all the benefits of the Affinity Plan PLUS:

Attract desired talent with a subsidized mortgage available only through their employment with the corporate organization

Provide a tax-effective benefit to Employees without increasing benefit costs

Reduce capital expenditure or administrative costs

Free up capital resources from corporate relocations

Turnkey administration: we will handle the administration of your Group Mortgage Plan, including taxable benefit reporting and automated billing

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