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Are you looking to increase your living space, make simple repairs or invest in energy efficient upgrades to save you money?

Home renovations provide the ideal opportunity to improve your quality of life without the stress of moving.

Reasons for renovating usually fall into 3 main categories:

Lifestyle Renovations

Improve your home and your way of life. Renovating may be a more practical and cost-efficient solution than moving, if you like where you live and plan to stay there for a while.

Retrofit Projects

Go green! Upgrade your home with energy efficient and environmentally friendly features/materials.

Maintenance And Repair Renovations

Protect the investment you have made in your home or increase the value if you are preparing to sell.

Regardless of your reason, Group Mortgage Plan Specialists are here to help facilitate the mortgage process for you! Contact us by phone (1-800-663-4819) or email to begin a conversation about your renovation goals.

Can You Afford To Renovate?

Whatever the scope of your project large or small, your Group Mortgage Plan Specialist will work with you to help you find cost effective financing options to help you achieve your project vision.

Take advantage of the equity you have built to upgrade your home.

Careful planning lets you get the most from your home renovation dollars:

  1. Set Renovation Goals That Reflect Your Lifestyle And Priorities.

    Write down your goals. By defining what you want to achieve, the contractors and tradespeople you hire will be able to deliver better results.

  2. Think About Your Current And Future Needs.

    This way the renovations made today will accommodate changes in your lifestyle later.

  3. Put Together A Wish List.

    This should include things that must be included in the project as well as other items you would like to include, if your budget allows.

Renovation Checklist

When you renovate your home, the most important decisions need to be made before the work begins, so careful planning is key. Whether you are renovating to improve your living space, or simply making necessary repairs to your home, our checklist will help you get the most from your home renovation dollars.